Why do people adore antiques and decorations with the touch of past? Perhaps, because of that special sense of tranquility as if slowing down the fast pace of time and bringing comfort that life is not just “dust to dust”… Or perhaps antiques simply catch the eye since being made with love, carefully and precisely decorated they still charm us by the warmth of hands and live spirit of past masters. To buy authentic antique furniture and to use it in real life is rather difficult, first of all – financially. Even if one is ready to spend lots of money on purchase of truly authentic antique, it requires a lot of patience – a search could take many years. Now, thanks to modern technologies wood can look as authentic as if have been shaped for centuries by natural forces: sun, wind, temperature changes and water. The furniture, which combines the charm of old wood and smart characteristics of new materials, shall serve not only You, but Your grandchildren as well.